Yoga for Strength

5 Poses to make you strong and flexible When you think of strength training likely think of lifting heavy weights ...
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Improve Cardio Strength through Swimming

Add Swimming to your fitness routine and Improve your APFT Score! At we aim to help Air force personnel ...
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Exercise and Mental Health:

10 reasons exercise keeps you mentally strong No doubt, regular exercise can have a profound effect on your mental health ...
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Background of the Physical Fitness Test

History When the 3-event Army Physical Fitness Test was developed in the 1970’s, many senior Army leaders thought that ground ...
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Fitness Training with Tactical Vests

The Two Best Load-Bearing Tactical Vests for Fitness Training  Studies have shown that training with a weighted vest can improve ...
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US Army Cadences for Marching or Running

MP, MP - Running Cadence MP, MP, don't arrest me,
arrest that leg behind the tree,
he stole the whiskey,
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